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I have made a Christmas calendar. It is here:

I will also post it in my dreamwidth account. Here is the first chapter:

TITLE: Rascals III
CATEGORY: Humour, drama, kidfic
CHARACTERS: Sam, Martouf/Lantash, Freya/Anise, Daniel, Jack O'Neill, Janet, Teal'c, others
SUMMARY: Sequel to Rascals and Rascals II. The continued adventures of Sam, Martouf, Lantash, Freya, Anise, and Daniel, after they have been turned
into children.
SPOILERS: Up to early/mid season 10 of SG-1, or there about.
PAIRINGS: This is gen, but there are a few minor mentions of various pairings.
NOTES: Mostly as canon, except all the Tok'ra are just fine! I got inspired by the Star Trek: TNG episode 'Rascals' to write the first installment, and I just found I had more ideas for the story! Some OOC'ness and a little cracky at times.
NOTES 2: You do NOT need to read Rascals I and II first. All you need to know is that Sam, Martouf, Lantash, Daniel, Freya, and Anise were transformed into little children by an alien device. They now live at Stargate Command, and O'Neill, Teal'c, and sometimes Janet, are looking after them.
NOTES 3: Meant as Christmas/advent calendar, so there will be 24 'doors'/chapters (we celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December in Scandinavia).

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Title: Subtle Payback
Author: [personal profile] dhamphir
Fandom: SG-1

Character: Janet Fraiser
Rating: G
Word count: 100
Summary: Janet has her own of was dealing with problem patients.
Spoilers/Timeline: n/a
Disclaimer: SG-1 and its characters belong to B.W, J.G. and MGM. No copyright infringement intended, no money be made.
Archive: Only with permission.

A/N1: Drabble written from the prompt (Janet, cold stethoscope) given by [profile] carinjo in this post.

Subtle Payback

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Title: Suddenly, Pirates!
Character: Cassie Fraiser, Janet Fraiser, Sam Carter
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Spoilers: Nothing specific, set late season 6/early season 7 maybe
Word Count: 448
Summary: Because Christmas shopping isn't traumatic enough all by itself.
Notes: Written for fandom stocking from a prompt expressing a desire for any kind of AU including of the 'suddenly: pirates' variety. I'm not entirely sure that this is actually an AU but it is rather silly.

Unexpected pirates )
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Well, we had one person who had to drop out due to RL issues and three no shows, but all in all, the Sam and Janet ficathon went well. We had some new participants this time around and the ficathon was hosted on both LiveJounal and Dreamwidth.

So without further ado, here is the masterlist of the stories from this round of the Sam and Janet ficathon!

Breakfast of Champions by geonncannon

Delayed for a While by psychicvanity

Different Days by geonncannon

Dream are the Starting Point by geonncannon

Home Fires Burning by geekgrrllurking

Leather and Speed by tittamiire

Masquerade by theastolat

Never the Same, Alway Right by merfilly

Not What it Looks Like by glinda 

Soylent Blue by dhamphir

Stay by bigdamnxenafan 

When You Feel Longing by romansilence