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Title: Cages And Costumes, Chains And Chastity
Author: Cassie Morgan ([personal profile] badfalcon)
Fandom: Stargate SG1
Categories: Sam/Daniel, established relationship, PWP, BDSM
Rating: NC-17
Thanks to: You, for reading this. [personal profile] ravensword, as ever, for the beta.
Disclaimer: Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson, and all elements of the Stargate universe are so very not mine, and remain the property of the respective copyright holders. This story is written purely for entertainment purposes and no money is being made out of it.
Notes: Written for the 2015 [profile] slaveexchange for the prompt Sam/Daniel, cages & costumes, chains & chastity
Summary: Gagged and bound, Daniel is in one of his favourite places; kneeling at the feet of his Dominant. And, no matter how exhausted he is, when Sam wants to play she always gets what she wants

( Cages and Costumes, Chains and Chastity )
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FAQ: (LJ | DW)| Schedule: (LJ | DW) | Claiming: (LJ | DW)  

Tok'ra Kree! is a prompt-a-thon based on the Tok'ra from the TV show Stargate SG-1. 

For round 8 we got 161 prompts. Mostly SG1 (122), but there were 25  for SGA, 
3 for SGU, 2 for any show, and 9 crossovers with other  non-Stargate fandoms/RPF.

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Staring at the Sun
Sam Carter/Vala Mal Doran
by dirty diana/sweeter than
in ink markers
rated SFW

I drew Sam/Vala art for [community profile] femslashex 2015, themed around the fashion of the episode 1969. View it on AO3, or view it (with brief caption) on tumblr.
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Title: The Sound of the Ocean
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Rating: PG
Summary: Elizabeth had always loved the sound of the Ocean. Snapshots from the life of Elizabeth Weir
Links: Ao3 & FF.Net
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Title: Comfort
Author: Cassie Morgan ([personal profile] badfalcon)
Fandom: Stargate SG1
Categories: Jack/Sam, established relationship, hurt/comfort, angst
Rating: PG
Thanks to: You, for reading this. [personal profile] ravensword, as ever, for the beta.
Disclaimer: Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, and all elements of the Stargate universe are so very not mine, and remain the property of the respective copyright holders. This story is written purely for entertainment purposes and no money is being made out of it.
Summary: Sam has had a rough day, but Jack understands and knows exactly what she needs

( Comfort )
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Title: Even In Space, It's The Thought That Counts
Author: Sally M
Rating: G
Genre: gen humour
Pairing or Character(s): Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill, Lou Ferretti
Word Count: 2863 words
Spoilers/Warnings: none

A little set of vignettes about diplomacy in space for the Stargate SG-1 Alphabet Soup, the prompt being the letter C...

Can be found here...

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Hi, comm! I'm hoping you can rec me some fic. This is what I'm looking for:

SG-1 team fic (gen), the longer the better (20k+ would be great)

I don't care which team, old or new, I love them all. The only thing I ask for is that it's not one of those generic AUs (highschool, book store, you know the drill). If you've read anything like that, please link me? I have a need. Thanks!
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Author: Kimberley Jackson
Title: Stargate Aschen
Category: AU, Romance, Adventure
Pairing: Sam/Jack
Rating: R or MA (for violence, sexual situations, adult themes)
Summary: A Science-Fiction/Adventure Romance. In the year 799 (Aschen calender), Earth is a colony under strict reign by an oppressive Aschen government. The Aschen have turned humans into slaves, and seized control over the entire planet, including the Stargate--a device that allows them to form a wormhole and travel thousands of light years across the galaxy to their home planet within seconds.

Humanity is at the brink of extinction. Due to advanced Aschen medicine human lifespan has almost tripled, but most of the human population is born infertile. Only a small percent of humans are so-called gifted ones, who are able to conceive/father children. Strict rules apply to these gifted ones, as the Aschen government wants to uphold the human population.

Samantha Carter is 25 years old. She has just come of age and undergoes her first fertility tests. When her tests turn out positive, her life is about to take a dramatic turn for the worse. Unwilling to accept a forced marriage and life in a breeding facility under Aschen control, she runs away from home to find the resistance and fight for the freedom of Earth as well as her own.

As she meets Jack O'Neill, camp leader of resistance Cell 4, neither of them realizes they are bound together by more than the mutual goal to free Earth from Aschen reign. Side by side, they fight to liberate their world from the oppression of an alien race, using a second, secret Stargate found almost a century before in the Antarctica forests...

Note: Although this work borrows characters and concepts from the television show Stargate SG-1, this work stands on its own and is independent from the television show.

Stargate Aschen Ebook -small


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FAQ (LJ | DW)| Schedule (LJ | DW) | Claiming (LJ | DW)
[community profile] tokra_kree || [ profile] tokra_kree || [ profile] tokra-kree

Only 2 people have claimed a prompt, but there is still one whole month left to claim one of our 250 interesting prompts!

Claiming is open until July 24th 2015, and you have until August 7 to write a fic (at least 500 words) or create some art (manips, icons, banners, drawings, paintings...) Check out to rules to see the requirements!

Remember, fic/art can be any rating (G to NC-17), and gen, het, slash, femslash, poly... Any and all pairings (or none) are welcome! Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe, the movies, as well as crossovers are welcome.

One or more Tok'ra must play a major part in the fanwork and not just be there as a convenient source of information, a way to get a spaceship, someone to blame, or similar. They do not, however, have to be one of the main character(s).
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[community profile] femmeremix is open for signups on AO3. It's a multi-fandom remix (i.e. a ficathon where you're assigned another fic writer and re-write one of their stories as your own)

Are you into stories about women*? Have you written stories about women? Would you like to read and write more of them? Would you like to read and write stories based on other people's stories? Yes? Motherfucking yes? Well then, this is the remix for you!

We all know how much fun remix can be, but we also know that it can be frustrating sometimes, especially for those of us who generally don't write slash and/or write a lot of stories about women. We get matched, we're really excited about it, and then our remixee has only written slash. Or stories go up, we're really excited about it, and our remixer has skipped over the 99 awesome stories about women and remixed the 1 not-so-awesome story about men. This remix offers people a chance to focus on women.

*"Women" here is loosely defined to include canonical alien/trans/non-genderbinary characters who identify as female. It does not include Rule 63/"always-a-girl" characters. She-Hulk is in, Brucella Banner is not.
You need to have written at least three female-focused fics of 500 words or more to be able to sign up in a fandom.  There's no list of qualifying fandoms, you can sign up with ANY FANDOM you have enough female-focused fics in (and the rules are pretty loose about what counts as a female-focused fic).  Problem is, they need enough people in each fandom to match them up.

There are already people signed up Stargate.  The more the merrier!

Sign-up Closes:  Fri 19 Jun 2015 12:00AM EDT
Assignments Due: Mon 03 Aug 2015 12:00AM EDT
Works Revealed: Thu 06 Aug 2015 12:00AM EDT
Authors Revealed: Thu 13 Aug 2015 12:00AM EDT
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Title: Not the Nine O'Clock Nightmare
Author: Sally M
Type: gen, crossover (Stargate SG1/the Magnificent 7 ATF universe)
Characters: all of SG1 and General Hammond, Chris Larabee and Ezra Standish (Magnificent 7)
Summary: The fourth in the Not the Nine O'Clock series, where some rather aged felines make an unwelcome appearance...
Links to the previous parts are in the post, which can be found here...

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Signups are open through June 7 for the 2015 Jack/Daniel Ficathon.

Details can be found here.

This year, after the fics post on July 26, we are inviting fan artists to create complementary works for stories (with author permission). Those works would be due no later than Sept. 7.

New writers and artists always welcome!
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Title: Flummoxed by the Fourth Race
Author: Sally M
Rating: G
Genre: humour
Characters: Daniel, Robert Rothman
Word Count: 2230
Spoilers/Warnings: Spoilers up to the end of Nemesis, set between this and Small Victories
Summary/Excerpt: If Robert was giving a report on this to General Hammond... Daniel wanted to be there.

Can be found here...

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Title: Something Very Wrong
Author: Sally M
Type: gen
Character(s): Rodney McKay
Rating: G
Word Count: 3475
Warnings: mild horror themes

Excerpt:Oddly enough - and a small, sane, near-silent part of you knows there is something very very wrong with this - Miko Kusanagi makes the most terrifying Wraith of all.

Oh, not that the others aren't terrifying, all of them. Well, of all of them who aren't dead.

Written for the Spook Me Multi-Fandom Halloween Ficathon 2014, it can be found here...

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McShep/SGA/Joe Flanigan/David Hewlett icons and artwork (banners and backgrounds) up for grabs.

Please credit so others can find my galleries and please contact me if you'd like them customized.

I do take requests for covers, banners, and icons (John, Rodney or McShep only)

These SGA icons and artwork are not bases and I ask that they not be altered without crediting my work.


001. 002. 003. 004.

More icons and artwork at journal


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